Monday through Thursday 10:00 to 4:00, Friday 10:00 to 12:00

Evenings and weekends are by appointment.


ALL ages and those with disabilities are welcome. We have jobs for those that need to sit. We also work with families with special needs children. We welcome individuals and groups of all sizes. Families, Youth groups, ladies groups, men’s groups, scout troops, AHG troops, businesses. If you are willing we can use you!

Things that ALWAYS need to be done:

1. Sort clothes! – We sort by season, size and gender.

2. Make Hygiene kits – This is a great area for families with young children to work. It is simple, easy for them to see they made a difference in just 30 minutes. They can understand how it makes a difference.

3. Sorting & boxing Medical supplies – Donations from Wake med, Urban Ministries and individuals.

4. Breaking down surgical kits. Taking out useful items.

5. Packing shipments for various countries- Dominican Republic, Zambia, Congo, Honduras are ongoing.

6. Pulling orders of requested items.

7. Sorting donations that have come in and putting them in the correct area.

8. General maintenance – cutting grass, weed eating, taking trash out, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping floors.

REQUIREMENT: We have you sign a liability form that is good for one year. There is also a photo release section on this form as we take a lot of pictures to post. Some families in the process of adoption cannot have photos posted. We want to respect everyone’s wishes in this area.

Amy our daughter and her husband Diego!
Yes we have LOTS of trash.
Families serving together.
Carpenter’s for Christ from Colonial Baptist
Building shelves for Medical donations
Meeting new people while volunteering
Businesses welcome!
HHunt Properties volunteering together.

No group too big!
60 from Merge Youth Conference 2019
Children of ALL ages welcome!
The Narrow Trail Cowboy Church, not just for cowboys! Volunteering to make hygiene kits, Blessing Bags for hurricane survivors in North Carolina
Boy Scout troop and a biker group working together to help those in need!